Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease

Kuo-Ching Liu,PhD(劉國慶博士)

Lecturer Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, China Medical University
Phone: 886-4-22053366 ext. 7206
Fax: 886-4-22057414
Office: 14 F, Li-Fu Teaching Building
Mailing Address: Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology, China Medical University
91, Hsueh-Shih Rd., Taichung, Taiwan 40402, R.O.C.
40402 台中市北區學士路91號 中國醫藥大學醫學檢驗生物技術學系


Institution Nation Department/Program Degree
National Chung Hsing University Taiwan, ROC Graduate Institute of Biotechnology Ph.D.


Current Position

Institution Department/Program Position Duration
China Medical University Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology Assistant professor From 2011 to now



  • Screening for the anticancer herbals



  • Excellent university tutor awards at China Medical University, Nov 2011



Publications in Last Five Years

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  16. Wu PP, Chung HW, Liu KC, Wu RS, Yang JS, Tang NY, Lo C, Hsia TC, Yu CC, Chueh FS, Lin SS, Chung JG. Diallyl sulfide induces cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in HeLa human cervical cancer cells through the p53, caspase- and mitochondria-dependent pathways. Int J Oncol. 2011;38(6):1605-13. (SCI)
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  19. Liu KC, Huang YT, Wu PP, Ji BC, Yang JS, Yang JL, Chiu TH, Chueh FS, Chung JG. The roles of AIF and Endo G in the apoptotic effects of benzyl isothiocyanate on DU 145 human prostate cancer cells via the mitochondrial signaling pathway. Int J Oncol. 2011;38(3):787-96. (SCI)
  20. Wu PP, Liu KC, Huang WW, Ma CY, Lin H, Yang JS, Chung JG. Triptolide induces apoptosis in human adrenal cancer NCI-H295 cells through a mitochondrial-dependent pathway. Oncol Rep. 2011;25(2):551-7. (SCI)



Undergraduate Program

  • Introduction to Medical Biotechnology Research Methods
  • Human Genetics
  • Diagnostic Cytology & Histopathological Techniques
  • Diagnostic Cytology & Histopathological Techniques Laboratory
  • Cell Culture
  • Clinical Parasitology
  • Clinical Microscopy
  • Clinical Microscopy Laboratory
  • Geriatrics and Laboratory Medicine
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Laboratory
  • Clinical Serology and Immunology
  • Clinical Serology and Immunology Laboratory
  • Laboratory Genetics
  • New Trends in Clinical Microscopy & Pathology
  • Interpretation for Clinical Laboratory Data (PBL)
  • PBL (School of Medicine)
  • PBL (School of Chinese Medicine)
  • PBL (School of Dentistry)
  • General Biology (C) (Department of Health Services Administration)
  • General Biology (C) (School of Nursing)
  • General Biology Lab (B) (School of Medicine)
  • General Biology Lab (B) (School of Dentistry)
  • General Biology Lab (B) (School of Chinese Medicine)

Postgraduate Program

  • Molecular & Cellular biology (I)
  • Special Topics on Signal Transduction & Human Disease