1.   Medical Technologist / Clinical Laboratory Scientist

  • (a)       hospital, clinic, public health, research, and private laboratories including Blood Banking, Chemistry, Hematology, Immunology and Microbiology etc.
  • (b)      companies manufacturing laboratory analysis systems, supplies, equipment or media
  • (c)       state or national crime labs
  • (d)      physician office laboratories
  • (e)        paternity testing laboratories
  • (f)        biotechnology, food, and cosmetic industries.

2.     Biotechnologist

  • (a)    medical technologists develop, market, and sell products
  • (b)   conduct research
  • (c)    monitor quality assurance
  • (d)   management
  • (e)    consulting
  • (f)     specialist

3.     Academic Scientist

  • (a)       preparing for an advanced degree in biology, microbiology, biochemistry and medicine etc.
  • (b)      teaching positions
  • (c)       science researcher
  • (d)      supervisors
  • (e)       managers