Student Affairs

Student Affairs Our department aims to meet the learning needs of students and help students learn not only the skills for medical laboratory science but also to have abundant basic knowledge of biomedicine.

We also provide elective courses for practical purpose and for cultivating humanistic literacy. We encourage students to participate in intercollegiate and international learning activities. Programs, minor subjects and a direct master’s entry program program allow students to choose a variety of learning plans. Students are provided with resources containing books, audio-visual and information facilities, laboratories, specialist classrooms, and other software and hardware facilities. All of these are used and maintained to establish a quality learning environment.

At the same time, we help with things of enrollment and graduation qualifications, the learning process, scholarships, work-study, tutor helping, teaching assistants and other administrative and learning services. Mentors actively guide students to academic life, career development, and early warning systems and remedial teaching, help with learning difficulties classmates. Teachers can take full advantage of diverse teaching and assessment methods, teach and evaluate students' learning situation, design appropriate learning program, and there is a clear learning standards; at the same time providing the necessary extra-curricular student learning guidance and counseling, and according to the individual student’s feedback and learning differences to provide appropriate materials, increasing the breadth and depth of the student's learning, so that students have a good academic performance in a variety of internal and external competition. Visiting teaching hospitals, national test counseling and various lectures and seminars in the workplace, enable students to be aware of the workplace of the future and make full preparations. Ratio of advisers to graduate students is appropriate, enabling professors to have sufficient time to study and guide the students to participate in academic activities. Our department encourages students to participate in international learning activites. Students participate in academic seminars undergraduate .

 We are a department of medical laboratory science with an emphasis on biotechnology education, which guide our curriculum planning concept. Our general education and common core curriculum are inclusive of intelligent and humane education. These are basic medical courses, medical laboratory courses, courses in biotechnology, innovation lab sessions, connecting between school and workplace.