To strengthen our program and reinforce innovation to open up a new future

The Department of Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology in China Medical University just expanded to hold a ceremony for alumni of our department returning home and a new educational workshop in the Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology Department and which celebrated the thirtieth birthday of our department in April, 100 Years of the Republic of China.

We are grateful for the participation and cooperation of the academic, clinical, and biotech industry which has helped to make our amazing development. We feel immense gratitude to the school’s senior executive’s forward-looking visions of sustainable management. Former chairmen, office staff, alumni of our department and teachers and students have made a concerted effort under the wise leadership of our dean. These efforts let’s have secured a foothold in Taiwan and looking to develop business relations for multinational corporations.

In recent years, due to social development and the trends of the world, we have designed a bachelor's degree which allows students to specialize in two career tracks:
Medical Laboratory Science and Biotechnology and we also offers a Master of Science Degree in two tracks: Biomedical Research and Laboratory Management. These programs work to consolidate and reinforce the innovation of our existing fundamental and new medical technology to create a new future and strive for even greater progress.

To reform the curriculum and improve teaching quality

The content of our department’s duties are profound and diverse. Our professional relationship to people's healthy living is very important. We should cultivate students’s deeply held humanistic accomplishments and professional skills to develope outstanding technical talents. We designed the course to combine both theory and practice. In addition to the program of learning, but also to strengthen the interdisciplinary cross-border study and international learning. So our courses put great emphasize on:

  1. Cultivation of medical ethics accomplishments
  2. Unity of teaching content prepares students for exams and practice
  3. Two track majors in medical laboratory technology and biotechnologys core curriculum
  4. Encouraging PBL (problem based learning), small class settings omnibus teaching
  5. Diversity program learning processes to establish interdisciplinary expertise
  6. Extended focus on study of clinical physiology and createing a workplace
  7. Adaptive learning of early integration in the workplace
  8. Enhance the implementation of research topics among study groups
  9. Strengthening internships and  practical training  in domestic and international    educational experience
  10. To strengthen the understanding of legal, intellectual property rights and forensic     technology
  11. Implementation of curriculum evaluation, teaching assessment, e-learning     platform, learning counseling, evaluation of learning outcomes and students’  learning process e-portfolio management

We should focus on student-centred learning constantly. Strive to create high-quality teaching and learning environments. Look forward to developing the potential of expert medical technologist and biotechnology talent, in producing for the public healthy and happy life!