74 years in June China Medical College medical department of the first graduates of the birth, then only 36 graduates Alumni. Republic of China after 77 years in view of the increase in the number of Friends of the department, has more than a hundred people, and to achieve emotional contact Alumni, Alumni promote unity, and as between Alumni and school alumni bridges for the purpose of early because the number does not more so the first Alumni Association was established as a garden contact and communication between the Department of Friends, after x years of operation, in view of graduation Alumni gradually amplified, so the relevant department of the Association of the Friends of enthusiastic cadre preparation and contact the next, help support via a number of Alumni and school teachers. The Republic of China was established in December 86 Friends of the draft constitution and the creation of the Department of Medical Technology Department of China Club, and the election of the relevant science, and supervisors.

Chinese medical technology Friends of Department 86 years since the Republic of China was established on December 21, elected the first line of the first president of the Friends of 王志鴻 Alumni, then after three years of efforts, making the system more solidarity organization Friends thrive during contacted emerge in many areas and the excellent performance of the power of the Department of the faithful, the combination of emotion and mutual support of the faithful powertrain, the Chinese medical system department faithful gradually been more important and certainly, be happy there is a number of distinguished Alumni gradually return service for the Department of the contribution they have learned. Friends First Department in the Republic of the expiry of a three-year term of office in December 1989 and successfully pass the torch. In the Republic of China on December 89 to elect its third Alumni Zhang was promoted to the second session of the Alumni Association, Alumni will continue to promote the conference and work.

  • Type: Associations
  • Registration Date of establishment: 2012-03-09
  • Main office: Bachelor Road, Taichung District 91 Autoliv Medical Technology Department Office Building, 14th Floor
  • OBJECTIVE: To contact the Alumni feelings Alumni promote unity, and as Alumni of the school, a bridge between the Alumni Association for the purpose.
  • Donor practices: membership fees, the Department of friends or community sponsorship.